Samsø Dog Fun - Outside

Samsø Dog Fun proudly presents our 15000 square metre large co-op owned dog park on Samsø. The dog park is pay-as-you-go. You can buy a yearly subscription or pay by the hour (payment link). You can book the park for max 2 consecutive hours. When you have booked the park, you will have the whole area to yourselves, and you are welcome to invite other dogs and humans.

Our dog park is fenced in with a 1.40 m high hare-proof fence.

Please note – there are no toilets in the park.


- 1-year-subscription: DKK 700.00, you can book the park any time and as often as you like 

- 1 hour (55 minutes): DKK 50.00

If you or your dog club would like to book the park for longer than 2 hours – please contact a member of the board to enquire about a price. Park Rules

- Your usage of the park is at your own risk

- Regular bookings are for max 2 consecutive hours

- Guests with a booking are welcome to invite other dogs (and humans) in, but the person in charge of the booking MUST be present the whole time

- We must ALL help each other pick up after our dogs. Accidents do happen out of sight when the dogs run free, so please be large and pick up any foreign poop, even if it was there before you. That way we can all help each other keep the park a pleasant place to walk around.

- Any holes dug by dogs MUST be filled up again before you leave the park, to keep us all safe

- Guests must leave the park 5 minutes before the booking runs out to avoid an overlap with the next booking

- Be careful in the entrance/exit area and keep a safe distance to other dogs and people

- All dogs in the park must be fully vaccinated and dogs with contagious disease symptoms are NOT allowed (diarrhoea, vomiting, eye infection, heart and lung worm, etc.)

- Dogs are not allowed to be left alone in the park area

- Starter pistols and dummy shooters are allowed for training purposes

- Members of the board will carry out random checks